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Gareth John, 08/02/2006 on

"As someone who has been eagerly awaiting the release of the Alouette II can definately say that this package lives up to every expectation. Whilst the FS Heli Lama was an excellent product compared to the many other helicopter addon currently available, the feeling of flying created by the very dedicated Peter Salzgeber has to be given every credit. As a PPL H pilot I gain great pleasure from flying the Alouette. It is made real by much more detail and texures both inside and out, which still allow very high frame rates. Peter has also ensured that the VC has great reflective glass within the canopy - something many of the other developers fail to include and make it feel like your flying without any windows. There is also an impressive seleaction of paint schemes and varients to fly. My only real criticisum is that the passengers are not very realistic when viewed within the VC. Looking forward now to Peter's Allouette III!! Regards GJ"

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